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Road Traffic Accidents

What to do following an accident

As riders, we’re familiar with the many ways in which hacking accidents can occur and the less fortunate will have been involved in an accident themselves.

If you are involved in a horse riding accident, whilst hacking out on the road, there are a few simple things you can do to give yourself the best chance of making a successful claim against the person responsible.

It goes without saying but in case of serious injury then someone needs to call 999;

Even if it’s not a 999 scenario you should report the accident to the police using the 101 number;

Take details of any other parties involved in the accident. The more information you can get the better but you need at least their name, address and vehicle registration number (if relevant).

See if there are any witnesses who will give you their details. Here you want name, address and phone numbers;

Take photographs of the accident scene and any vehicles and animals involved. In the case of vehicles you should try to get pictures of the number plate, any damage, and its position on the road;

You should keep a record of the financial losses that you incur as a result of the accident so that the court knows how much money to award you. This will enable you to recover compensation for your financial losses in addition to your physical injuries.

Call HorseSolicitor for specialist equine law advice sooner rather than later. People are usually far more willing to admit liability for something they’ve done in the immediate aftermath than when you try to bring a claim 2 years down the line. Most cases can be dealt with on a no-win no-fee basis and if you’ve done all of the right things at the time you’ll have every chance of success.

Can you take over my claim from another solicitor?

Probably.  We take over a lot of claims from non-specialist solicitors.  It will depend where you are in the process but we can usually take over.  We’re happy to review your former solicitor’s file at no cost to you before letting you know if we can take over conduct of your matter.

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