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What can I claim after hit-and-run?

I was involved in a horse riding accident and the car driver responsible left the scene. I sustained a serious injury and was in hospital for 5 nights. My horse was also injured and my tack and riding hat were damaged. My solicitor advised me to bring a claim against the MIB but said that the MIB will not pay for property damage. Is this correct?


No, your solicitor has provided incorrect advice.

When instructing a solicitor it is important to ensure that he/she knows what compensation horse riding accident victims are entitled to claim. Sadly it is too often the case that the file handlers are not legally qualified and are not experts.

The MIB redrafted its Untraced Drivers’ Agreement to allow for the payment of property and property related damage to comply with European legislation.

Under the the new Agreement the MIB is liable for any claim, or any part of a claim, in respect of damage to property caused by or arising out of the use of an unidentified vehicle, providing:

(a) an award for significant personal injury has been paid to any claimant in respect of the same event, and

(b) the loss incurred in respect of damage to property exceeds the specified excess of £400.00.

The expression “significant personal injury” means bodily injury resulting in:

(a) death, or

(b) 2 nights or more of hospital in-patient treatment, or

(C) 3 sessions or more of hospital outpatient treatment.

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