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No registration number, can I claim?

A car spooked my horse by passing too quickly causing me to fall. I broke my arm and the car fled the scene and didn’t actually make contact with my horse, am I able to bring a claim for compensation?


Yes you can. A vehicle does not have to have made contact with you or your horse to be held responsible for the accident. It’s just as negligent to spook a horse by driving past too close or too quickly as it is to crash into them.

In claims where the third party responsible for hitting or spooking your horse cannot be traced, it is still possible to claim compensation.

The Motor Insurers’ Bureau (MIB) is an organisation which exists to compensate people that have been injured by negligent drivers, who are either untraced or uninsured.  A small portion of the money paid for all car and motorbike insurance policies goes to the MIB who act as an insurer of last resort.

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