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How much compensation for spinal fracture?

I am now 6 months on from a serious accident in which I sustained a spinal fracture. The car driver responsible has admitted responsibility for the accident in full. I would like to know how much compensation I will get as my solicitors keep avoiding answering this but I need to know so I can plan my future. Can you help?


I am sorry to hear about your injuries and that your solicitors are not answering your questions. To value claims the courts use a book called the JCG Guidelines for the Assessment of General Damages, which are published every two years, and which reflect awards across the country. This sets out injuries by type and by severity.  The more severe the injury the more you get. For spinal fractures as a category awards vary significantly from £151,070 to £2,300.

The level of award within the category will depend upon a number of factors including the severity of the original injury, the degree of pain experienced, the extent of any treatment required in the past or in the future, the impact of the symptoms on your ability to function in everyday life and engage in social/recreational activities, and the prognosis for the future.

Medical evidence is crucial to determine where your injuries fall within the bracket and of course there is the claim for accident associated financial losses to consider.

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