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£8,100 compensation for horse rider injured whilst hacking

We were instructed to act for Ms S following a road traffic accident that occurred in June 2013.

The circumstances of the accident were that Ms S was riding her horse on a straight section of a narrow country lane and she was wearing hi visibility clothing. Ms S heard a vehicle approach from behind. As she glanced over her shoulder it was alongside her. The car was towing a caravan.

There was no time for Ms S to attempt to move out of the way and the speed and proximity of the car spooked her horse. The horse spun around and as it did it struck the side of the caravan with its hindquarters. The horse lost its footing and Ms S was thrown onto the road.

Despite wearing a riding hat Ms S was knocked unconscious for a few minutes. On regaining consciousness she experienced difficulties breathing and was taken to A & E where it was confirmed that she had sustained a broken rib and dislocated fingers. Medical experts instructed by HorseSolicitor also ascertained that she had sustained psychological injury which required treatment to enable her to continue horse riding.

A letter of claim was sent to the third party insurer alleging fault on the basis that it’s insured had driven contrary to the Highway Code, failed to drive slowly past our client and her horse, failed to allow plenty of room, was too close and negligently spooked our client’s horse. An early admission of liability was obtained.

Following Ms S’ physical and psychological rehabilitation the case settled for £8,100.

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