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£34,000 compensation in untraced horse accident claim

Rider awarded significant damages after an untraced driver spooked horse and failed to stop.

Our client, an experienced rider, was hacking her horse along a local narrow lane when a vehicle sped past her. The overtaking manoeuvre was extremely close and, combined with excessive speed, spooked the horse causing our client to fall off and sustain injuries.

The driver of the vehicle failed to stop. Unfortunately, the police were unable to trace the driver and as such the Claimant was unable to make a claim against the driver’s insurance company.

HorseSolicitor recommended a claim against an organization called the Motor Insurers’ Bureau (MIB) which exists to compensate victims of negligent untraced drivers (and uninsured drivers). A claim was brought and our client was awarded £34,000 for her injuries and associated losses.

This case highlights the importance of injured riders knowing their rights following an accident with untraced vehicles.

It is unfortunately a common occurrence that drivers don’t follow the Highway Code when passing horses. They often fail to slow down enough or provide sufficient space. In horse spooking accidents, drivers often fail to stop, either because they don’t know it’s happened or because they chose not to, even though this is against the law.

If you have been involved in a horse-riding accident, involving a vehicle, please report the incident to the police and call us on 01446 794196 to discuss the claims process as soon as possible.

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