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£25,000 compensation for client who was kicked by horse

Horse Solicitor, acting on a no win-no fee basis, was able to obtain a settlement of £25,000 for a client who suffered a broken leg after being kicked by a horse.

Our client S, a keen equestrian, was assisting a local vet in a casual capacity by helping to look after horses which were undergoing surgery. S was asked to tend to a horse which had been admitted for an operation but was negligently not advised of the dangers of doing so when the horse was in a post-operative state.

While tending to the horse it reared up and S was kicked suffering a badly fractured leg which left her immobile. S required care and assistance with everyday chores and was unable to care for the animals on her smallholding for some 12 months after the accident. S who also owned 3 horses herself had to pay for these horses to be cared for professionally during this period.

The Defendant in the case, the veterinary practice, denied that S worked for them and initially compensation was refused. After Horse Solicitor’s involvement, despite significant evidential difficulties in respect of both her employment with the vets and in demonstrating S’ loss, the Defendant’s insurer made on offer of £25,000 to settle the claim. The offer was accepted.

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